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Empower Abroad

Do you have a goal you’re trying to achieve but don’t know where to begin? Let me guide you. Take a look at the list of my services below, and contact me if you have any questions or special requests.

Closing a Deal

Study abroad counseling and guidance

Our team of experts provides comprehensive guidance on study abroad options, including country selection, program types, and admission requirements.


University selection and application aid

We help students find the right university and program that best suits their needs and goals. Our team also provides support and guidance throughout the application process.


Visa assistance and guidance

We provide step-by-step guidance on obtaining the necessary visa and other travel documents, including assistance with visa applications and preparation of supporting documents.


Pre-departure preparation and orientation

Before you leave for your study abroad destination, we provide a thorough pre-departure orientation to help you prepare and make a smooth transition. This includes information on cultural differences, travel tips, and more.


On-arrival support and integration assistance

Upon arrival at your study abroad destination, we provide support and assistance in settling into your new environment, including help with finding accommodation, enrolling in courses, and integrating into the local community.

Part-time job assistance.jpg

Part-time job assistance

We provide students with part-time job opportunities while they are studying abroad to help them gain valuable work experience and supplement their income. Our team assists with job search and application, providing guidance on legal requirements and helping students prepare for job interviews.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our goal is to make the study abroad process as smooth and stress-free as possible, so that you can focus on what really matters - your education and experiences. Let us help you unlock your full potential through international education.

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